10 Ways to be the Best Husband Possible for My Wife

10 Ways to be the Best Husband Possible for My Wife

 1.  Love my wife first and for her sake. - She is who she is and I am who I
      am.  I will make the decision to honor her and distinguish her for who
      she is.  She will be my princess.
 2.  Be an honest mentor and guide to my wife and children. - I will provide
      guidance when needed, space when necessary, and direction always.
 3.  With my wife and family, be constantly engaged in church life. - With
      me, my wife and family will be fully integrated and active in the Lord's
      church.  We will participate and give time and energy together to the
      church before anything else.
 4.  Pray for and with my wife. - My wife needs my prayers and I need to
      hear her prayers.
 5.  Talk about spiritual matters with my wife as often as possible. - All is
      not about managing earthly affairs.  I will talk with and listen to my
      wife about matters of the spiritual nature.  I will encourage and be
      encouraged spiritually by my wife.
 6.  Live a healthy, sober, and balanced life. - For my wife's sake, I will
      provide for her by taking care of myself both to sustain her but to also
      be an example for her and my family.
 7.  Make informed and decisive decisions in behalf of my wife and family.
      - I will, to the best of my ability, make decisions if and when
      necessary for the good of my wife and family.
 8.  Read the Bible and know how to make application for me and 
      my family. - I will spend time in Scripture and be able to apply it to the
      relationship and responsibilities I have with my wife, family, and
 9.  Prepare my children for life and release them, with my wife, when it 
      is time. - I understand my time with my children is to be used to
      prepare them for life.  With my wife, we will intentionally and
      prayerfully prepare our children for life beyond our home.
10.  Listen. - I will listen as much as I can for God and to my wife.  I need
       to know what they have to tell me.

"Dear Father.  You have given me nothing more special than my wife.  In times of stress, help me to be calm.  In times of need, help me to give.  In times of joy, help me to share.  May I always cherish, love, and protect her with all my might.  Grant me the understanding that my wife is both a physical and spiritual blessing to me that makes me whole.  Amen."


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