10 Ways to be the Best Wife Possible for My Husband

10 Ways to be the Best Wife Possible for My Husband

 1. Let my husband be a man. - Men do things their way sometimes.
      He needs to exercise his manly being sometimes. I support him in that.
 2. Spend more time working on my inner self than my outer self. - My
     husband will appreciate me more if I glow of inner beauty. Outer beauty
     is fleeting and flaccid.
 3. I have needs - so does my husband. - I will do what I am able and
    appropriate to keep my husband happy because I love him.
 4. Don't put my children before my husband. - I will love my husband first.
     In doing this, my children will feel loved and will see love.
 5. Actively be a participant, with my family, in church life. -
     My family is but a subset of the church family. My church's family life
     will always include my personal family.
 6. Spend time in Scripture by myself and with my husband. - I need wisdom
     from God. I want to talk about Spiritual matters with my husband.
 7. Share in and listen to my husband's prayers. - I want to know what my
     husband is thinking about him, me, our family, and our world.
 8. Camp out! - I don't like bugs. But sometimes for him, I will go where he
     goes. And he might even think I am enjoying it!
 9. Care and rear my children in the ways of God. After all, they are His.
     - My children are God's. I will, with my husband, raise them with this in
     mind. And when it is time to let them go, I will do so trusting in God and
     his providence. May I be a wonderful mom to my children.
10. Love my man as if he were a king. - He is my earthly king. I will stand
      by him as best I can through thick and thin.

"Dear God. I love my husband more than anything in this life. Give me strength and wisdom to support him, give him guidance when needed, and stand by him when he needs me. I thank you for having given me a wonderful husband. Amen."


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