We like to think times of health, wealth, and tension-free relationships are the norm.  In such a world cars never break down.  The worst health problem we face is an occasional headache.  And the biggest fight is over who forgot to take out the trash.  Like children who believe in fairy tales, we cling to the illusion that prosperity, peace, and good health are the norm.

I'm convinced we would do better with life if we realized that life is tough.  It's hard.  There are seasons of life that seem unbearable.  All too often we see champions of the faith and think they have avoided such hardship.  But they haven't.  They've embraced it, as every athlete embraces the pain of rigorous training.  They refuse to allow setbacks to shape their identity.

Bill Perkins - Six Battles every Man Must Win


Melissa Mann said...

Very, very true. Thanks for sharing this.

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